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PRIAM Seminars
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Seminar 2008-09-19, Grenoble: Yves Poullet et Paul de Hert, Colloque Diagonales
Seminar 2008-06-20, Roma : Shara Monteleone "Data protection e comunicazioni"
Seminar 2008-06-12, Lyon : Caroline Zorn "DMP et protection de la vie privée"
Seminar 2008-05-23, St Malo : Jerry Hartog "Patient consent policies : From User to XACML"
Seminar 2008-05-22, St Malo : Ciaran Bryce "Privacy and Processes"
Seminar 2008-05-22, St Malo : Daniel Le Métayer "Computer assisted privacy protection"
Seminar 2008-05-22, St Malo : Shara Monteleone "Legal validity of the consent by software agents"
Seminar 2007-12-07, Lyon : Ciaran Bryce "PRIAM functional architecture"
Seminar 2007-12-06, Lyon : Frédéric Le Mouël "Trust protocol integrating services' semantics"
Seminar 2007-12-06, Lyon : Jerry den Hartog "A posteriori compliance control"
Seminar 2007-12-06, Lyon : Boris Balatcheff "TPM: fundamentals, main applications and criticisms"
Seminar 2007-12-06, Lyon : Ciaran Bryce "Message quality for security in wireless network systems"
Seminar 2007-12-06, Lyon : Daniel Le Métayer "Towards a privacy specification model"
Seminar 2007-10-26, Grenoble : Boris Rotenberg, "EU Data Protection and Privacy Laws"
Seminar 2007-06-25, Lyon : Shara Monteleone "Personal Data Protection and e-Communication"
Seminar 2007-06-21, Rennes : Marnix Dekker "WP2 - Formal (a-posteriori) Privacy Model"
Seminar 2007-06-20, Rennes : Claire Levallois "European Directive 95/46/EC in France"
Seminar 2007-06-20, Rennes : Ciaran Bryce, Frédéric Le Mouël "WP3 - Technical Aspects of Privacy"
Seminar 2007-06-20, Rennes : Daniel Le Metayer "WP1 - Legal Issues"
Seminar 2007-05-24, Grenoble : Sandro Etalle "An Introduction to Trust Management"
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