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Seminar 2007-06-20, Rennes : Daniel Le Metayer "WP1 - Legal Issues"
Daniel Le Métayer (INRIA Grenoble)
WP1 - Legal Issues
20 June 2007
Meeting 2007-06-20&21, Rennes : Plenary meeting


Detailed minutes of the 3rd PRIAM plenary meeting June, 20-21 2007 in Rennes are available in the private section

Seminar 2007-05-24, Grenoble : Sandro Etalle "An Introduction to Trust Management"
Sandro Etalle (Twente University)
An Introduction to Trust Management
Inria Grenoble
24 May 2007

The notion of decentralized trust management (DTM) was coined by Blaze, Feigenbaum, and Lacy in 1996 to describe a collection of desiderata for decentralized authorization systems. Since then, the concept has been subject of intensively research, as testified by a number of yearly workshops and conferences on the topic.
In this talk we introduce role-based decentralized trust management systems and  we exemplify their essential features by summarizing one specific attribute-based decentralized trust management framework: RT, introduced by Li, Mitchell and Winsborough.
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