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Meeting 2008-05-22&23, Saint Malo : Plenary meeting, "Consent" Topic
This workshop focused on the notion of "consent", a good candidate for a common discussion theme (and also possibly a way of unifying our contributions in future presentations of the project).
Thursday (22 May)

- Legal view: the different meanings and forms of consent in the law (Shara) 09:30-10:30
- Technical view: automated consent thorugh a software agent (Daniel) 10:30-11:30
- Organizational view: securing the consent in the process model (Ciaran) 11:30-12:30
- Technical view: consent in the medical sector (Jerry) 14:30-15:00
- Legal view: consent in the medical sector (Joël) 15:00-15:30
- Discussions in subgroups 15:30 -18:00
Tentative subgroups:
  Subgroup 1: functional model, process model ("the big picture": what is our global view,
  how do our past or future contributions fit in this global view).

  Subgroup 2: legal issues (is the automated consent proposed in PRIAM acceptable
  from the legal point of view, in what conditions, if not how what should we propose?)


Friday (23 May)

- Towards the future: from data protection to knowledge protection (Ciaran) 09:00 - 09:30
- Discussions in subgroups 09:30 - 11:00
- Wrap-up and decisions for the next semester (including the October presentation and review) 11:00 - 12:00
Detailes minutes are available in the private section
Meeting 2007-12-6&7, Lyon : Architecture & Law issues meeting - Detailed minutes

Dear all,

Thanks again for your participation and for making this PRIAM workshop as lively as the previous ones.Here is the list of decisions taken yesterday:

- Paper on functional architecture: should be presented as a contribution to the definition of a common (technical/juridical)vocabulary and understanding of the overall picture. In addition, two examples of "use cases" or contexts (ubiquitous computing and Internet) showing how the general presentation can be instantiated in different situations(with different constraints and different technical solutions). Possibility to include legal considerations about the risk of providing technology which can be abused to lead to an exclusively "control based approach" ("Law is not here only to authorize of prohibit", dixit our foucauldian lawyer). Concrete objectives: new version sent by Ciaran next week. Potential submission to iTrust (deadline 11th January). NB: legal issues are explicitly mentioned as a relevant topic for the conference:

- Intermediate meeting to be organized in March about the legal issues in the health sector (especially w.r.t. privacy). External participant to be invited: Caroline Zorn (expert on DMP - Dossier Medical Personnel

- Next plenary workshop in Saint-Malo, 22-23 May. One of the goals of this workshop will be to prepare the ARC conference (to be held in Bordeaux in October) where PRIAM will be presented (and evaluated). No fishes in telephone booths but a view of the real sea from the meeting room and plenty of creperies and top level seafood around (promises of the local organizer).


__ D.

Seminar 2007-12-07, Lyon : Ciaran Bryce "PRIAM functional architecture"
Ciaran Bryce (INRIA ACES), Frédéric Le Mouël, Marine Minier (INRIA ARES), Daniel Le Métayer (INRIA Pop Art) 
PRIAM functional architecture
CITI Laboratory, Lyon
7 December 2007
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